The official rules of the European federation will apply in all categories.


1. Each club must provide the tournament organizers a list of players that make up each of the participating teams. This relationship will include: number of dorsal players, age, captains and goalkeeper. The document will be delivered to the Tournament Director a week before the competition starts.

2. Each team must come to the Tournament with two kits: one with light colors and one with dark colors. All teams will play the first kit but to avoid possible problems, teams must have two kits available over the three days of tournament.

3. Each player shall wear a number on his shirt (the same for both kits).

The IHT is played with Hockey Quick mode (concentrated matches). This means:

4. The matches begin on the schedule established by the organization. In the event that teams were not prepared, the playing time will start, also, at the set time.

5. Teams must be present and equipped in the field 10 minutes before the end of the previous game and must inform the Bureau of each field through the coach or captain

6. If a team is not present at the match, it will wait up to 10 minutes. If one team does not show up in these 10 minutes of time, it will be sanctioned with the loss of the match by a margin of 3 goals (3-0 or 0-3).

7. The game time will never stop. He was severely penalize teams that deliberately waste time (Penalty Corner, you were in band-shaped, release missing...).

8. If a match has to be suspended (for playing time) two options were assessed:

A. If the score exceeds 15 minutes, it will be finished with the current result.

B. If the match has not exceeded 15 minutes, it will resume later, with the same result and playtime.

If the match (in full time) has to be cancelled due to bad weather, the match result will be resolved by a round of 5 shoot-outs (EHL regulation) on the schedule established by the organization.

9. The scores, according to the results in each of the matches, shall be:

· Win: 3 points

· Draw: 1 point

· Defeat: 0 points

In case of a tie between teams in the final standings, the following parameters were assessed to define the positions (in this order):

1. The result of the match of the tied teams.

2. The greater goal difference.

3. The highest number of goals scored.

If considering these 3 parameters teams are still tied, a round of 5 Shoot-out (EHL regulation) will be held to break the tie.

In the case of classification by clubs, the same score as that of the parties will apply.

10. In the case of red card to any player or member of staff, arbitration board committee will meet with the tournament director to decide whether the person involved is punishable.

11. During the game, players can’t complain Staff or arbitration decisions.

12. The use of shin guards, mouth guard and masks in the corners penalty is mandatory.

13. In “Alevi” and “Infantil” categories, the penalties of "Penalty Corner" is replaced by a Shoot-Out that will launch the player that has performed the offense, or the one that as caused the penalty.

14. Penalties: the usual rules of sanctions by the European Hockey Federation applied to the playing time of the competition shall apply:

· Green card: 1 minute exclusion from the field

· Yellow card: 3 minutes, at least exclusion field

· Red card: Exclusion of the game.

15. Penalty Shoot-Out: will be made with 8 seconds. The time is controlled between the referees and an assistant or head coach. If the goalkeeper commits any offense, a Strock shall be granted. The penalty shoot-out under this regulation apply to the “Cadet”, “Infantil” and “Alevi” categories.